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Prefabrication And Portable Cabins – A Research Paper

All around the world, every nation struggle with the ever increasing problems of unsustainable development. This problem is not limited to just under developed or developing nation, but even the developed countries are finding it difficult to cope up with this problem. One of most important factor in economic development is having good infrastructure. This infrastructure includes bridges, high rise buildings, highways and systems supports critical trade and societal needs while encouraging growth. To develop and maintain the infrastructure it needs large material flows and high energy resources. To meet the challenges the experts have come up with the solution that is called as prefabrication.

Prefabrication has the potential to considerably reduce the environmental impact that construction of buildings and infrastructure imposes. Prefabrication improves the quality and efficiency of construction. Prefabricated housing is often defined as the manufacture of building or the major part of the building offsite in a factory in a controlled manner away from the actual site location and then assembling this component on the site location. This process increases the quality of construction, reduces the time and cost and also make the process more eco-friendly. Prefabrication is an innovation because it is new to the most construction owners. Traditional building methods, utilizing large numbers of sub teams and individual contractors operating onsite, do not promote efficiency in terms of process, nor do they facilitate accumulation of lessons learnt within a business. Whereas prefabrication centralizes the process and accumulate all the knowledge to improve both quality and effciency.
porta cabin manufacturer
For example, porta cabins (also known as portable cabins) are developed using prefabrication. This portable cabins have so many advantages over traditionally built brick and cement buildings. As the name suggest porta cabins are portable and can be relocated to different location whenever required. These cabins can be build quickly at much lower cost. Owing to many advantages portacabin are in great demand for providing temporary location. They are particularly popular in construction industries where the need of temporary location is much higher to provide accommodation to staffs and employees. Many portable cabin manufacturer makes porta cabin that are equipped with all features that modern site office can have, such as air conditioning system, shower rooms, running hot water etc. Check out some cool pictures of portable cabins. They are so popular that even many governments are using this for providing temporary accommodations. Portable cabin is that they are built with light steel material which are robust making it durable to sustain any harsh weather condition.

Different Way To Increase Student Interest And Participation in Studies

In most under develop or developing countries the quality of education is below the accepted level. Primary reason is the lack of infrastructure and shortage of good teachers. There is a need for improving educational effectiveness in these countries. The students studying in primary schools should master the core and basic knowledge and skills of the current curriculum. Poor quality education is not limited to higher level of education but also in the primary levels. This is why it is more important to improve the education at the primary level first, so that the children develop correct learning habits and also develop their attitudes towards education. Its also been said the improving the quality of education for children in primary schools is the must for developing the better skill human resource that is the requirement to meet the ever changing demands of the modern century.

Here are some techniques that make students more attentive to studies. They don’t get bored and develop the learning habits.
Assess student’s prior knowledge: A teacher should always certain the knowledge of students whom they want to teach. This will give an idea about the background of students and how to deal with them. A teacher should ask question such as “what do you know about this particular topic?”. He or she may also try a pre test. The basic aim is to find out the level of students for that particular topic and whether they have any knowledge on that topic.

Try skills grouping: To make subjects interesting to students, a teacher may divide the class into different groups on what skills they need to practice for a certain period of time. As not all students are similar categorizing them in groups will help them focus on those things they are weak. Teachers should also take time to move between the other groups and help them review. In this way teacher can have more students engaged in the lesson and they’ll get specific, focused practice time

Importance Of Education In Our Life

According to many researches and studies there are over 50 million kids in the age range of 5-10 that are not going to any school. Among these children majority are girls and most of these children lives in poor counties of Africa and Asia. There are millions of children worldwide those who are drop out before completing even their basic educations. As these children don’t have proper education most of them remain unemployed and have to depend on low income unskilled jobs. They remain poor and get exploited by their employers.

Education plays an important role in the development of people, communities, societies and countries. Right to education is the basic right for every human whether he or she belongs to rich or poor family. We need to open schools and classrooms for all children including girls. Educating them will help break the chains of poverty and illiteracy and will also pave the way for future development. Education also helps solving other societal issues such as child health, fighting HIV and other diseases and also helps build peace.
Teacher Helping Students
Education is not only important for child but it is also necessary for adults. As it helps grown up man or woman to have the desire for bringing change in themselves as well as in the society. It also develops in them the insight to have conscious and effective incorporation in professional life. Adult education has the potential to provide both women and men with advance skills that are crucial in improving the living standards and in income. It also helps to bring about respect for the diversityof cultures and customs and shaping the attitudes and perceptions of individuals regardingvarious aspects of society affecting them. It also helps people to be informed citizens on therights and political responsibilities and favouring development through democracy and political stability.